The exhibition hosted by the Dracula Museum, scheduled to open partially in March, 2018, will present to the visitors the story of the both Draculas, first the historical character Vlad III Dracula, the 15th century Prince of Wallachia and the Count Dracula, the gothic myth, as a literature and film character (directly derived from the real-life Dracula) and also the transition of Dracula, from a real ruthless medieval warlord to a mythical vampire.
The exhibition has 3 sections:
  • Life and reign of Vlad III Dracula, a.k.a. the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia.
  • Count Dracula as a film and literary character, with a lot of props used in many Dracula movies, posters, autographs, photos, comic books, 1st editions of the Dracula books, Dracula movies soundtracks, Dracula PC games, etc.
  • The Torture gallery, that presents torture devices used in the Middle Ages, animated mannequins, dioramas, etc.