Why Bucharest
We decided to open the Dracula Museum precisely in this old and charming building for these reasons:
  • Bucharest was founded in 1459, by the real-life Dracula, Vlad III Dracula, a.k.a. the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia, as a new capital of his country; so we may say we live in the real city of Dracula.
  • the historical Dracula was a Wallachian (nowadays Romanian), just like us (although he was born and raised in the famous Transylvania, today also part of Romania).
  • the mansion that houses the Dracula Museum is located on a plot of land that used to be a part of the Royal Courts of Vlad Dracula (in the 15th century) and other rulers of Wallachia.
  • even the name of our NGO (ORDO DRACONUM) was chosen in appreciation and remembrance of the medieval chivalric Order of the Dragon, that Vlad III Dracula and his father Vlad Dracul joined in the 15th century.

Bucharest, the city founded by Vlad Dracula in 1459